poddarku (poddarku) wrote in borntowrite,

The Second Flight

The flight of the phoenix

(the part-2, characters)
The sky in a trance meets the earth
in this hour of waking up.
She wakes up to gather water,
to bathe before too many eyes
lick honey at the public tap.
The tap for water opens its soul.
It springs to life and soused is her
morning. One discreet boy, the only
other presence, pretends not to see.

Radha, with her covert eyes glances
at some vague dreams, distant paths and
a man, man enough. Water giggles.
The boy picks up his flute to douse
the universe with a fountain
of tunes unmatched. World can be so
illustrative, if they, the mates
wear off the morning and defeat
destiny. © 2008 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar
What happened to them! The next part will tell the story of love and first blood.
While traveling I disguised myself as a resident of the places I traveled. It had been hard for I had the marks of being a Bengali all over, so adopted a story of someone trying his luck at their provinces for job and a place to stay. It brought out results quite different. Those parts are safe and smooth like anywhere in the world if you have money and you are tourists, they respect tourists. But I wanted to know what a tourist won’t.
Curious for more…
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