Alex Hutchinson (virgingloves) wrote in borntowrite,
Alex Hutchinson

New Website for Writers is a treasure trove of Unconventional Wisdom for Aspiring Authors. It is filled with short articles, links to social networking sites and helpful bonus videos. My UNedited Life delivers countless ideas and strategies written to entertain and enlighten. Best of all, the advice is entirely FREE!

As an added bonus you can also sign up for My Unedited Newsletter. In this monthly e-mail you and I will continue our journey together. Each month you will receive a new article about my creative attempts towards book promotion. We can succeed together and on occasion you can watch me fail. Either way we both get to learn. You will also receive a new writing tip, something I might have picked up that very month. By the way, the newsletter is also FREE!

As with all things worth writing there is always room for improvement. After taking a complete read through the website I would be thrilled if you would leave a comment on the last page. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings, whether your words are critical or cause worthy, I want to hear from you.

Thank-you, Alex Hutchinson
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